Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Half the world’s population is sitting online. Can they even find you? Position your website amidst billions of web pages fighting tooth and claw for the best search engine positions.

You may have the most pleasing and easily remembered website; however it is not getting its fair share of searches despite a huge number of people online. If not searchable, your website is actually a waste of a valuable online resource for your business. This is where New Media Guru comes in.

Effective search engine marketing for major brands is a complex affair and it needs to be handled by experienced professionals only. When working with our clients our prime task is to research and study their business online and recommend the most feasible options to make the website more search engine friendly yet trendy.

Once we diagnose what the challenges are, we guide our clients through a well-structured and comprehensive SEO plan to guarantee they move up the search engine listings assertively.

At New Media Guru, whatever is your business, we know how to develop your brand presence across online channels. Our SEO-Specific services leverage this insight to deliver significant SEO process improvements, actionable SEO strategies for rank improvement, cost management and growth.

The shifting market trends, search behavior and priorities for SEO technology have led most of the SEO companies to change their SEO strategies to adapt the changing market environment. At New Media Guru, with our strategy to beat the challenge, we help our clients to adapt the fast-moving market and search engine trends.

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SEO – The Most Effective Marketing Channel

New Media Guru is cognizant of the following areas of concern while proposing a comprehensive solution to our clients. We incorporate a range of elements to promote your business on the web:


  • Highlight areas for improvement
  • Competition analysis and performance measurement
  • Strategize the plan of action to beat the competitors in minimum possible time

Implement and Enhance

  • Perform ongoing tests and step by step adoption of competitive SEO  strategies
  • Monitor search engine activity and website’s performance
  • Progression of your SEO campaign on an ongoing basis

Campaign Tracking and Performance Reporting

  • Maximum automated processes to be accurate and avoid human errors
  • Report typically covers SEO overview, rank improvement and performance report for various metrics like traffic, sales, leads and much more
  • Monthly activity brief for transparency
We believe in doing the right things at the right time. If you stay the course and stay involved with us, your rankings will follow.
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Jared Sabin

" I conducted thorough research before hiring this company. My research paid off and if you hire this company your investment will be well rewarded. They have the staffing infrastructure to apply assets to ANY size scope project you may have, and each team member's professional diligence and candor reassure you of your decision to hire them in the first place. I will happily provide a reference for New Media Guru. "

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