Using both off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke eCommerce platforms, New Media Guru can help you revitalize your current online shopping solution or build a new one from the ground up. We choose from several different development platforms depending on what is right for your business model:

  • Custom eCommerce Solution: A unique solution built especially for your business model with all the features you need to excel, all built according to your specifications.
  • ASP.Net Storefront: Ideal for interactive applications and enterprise-class web solutions.
  • Magento: Flexible and feature-rich, Magento is popular for many online eCommerce solutions.

Some of the features we can provide


Easy Checkout

Quick checkout features bring your customers back for more.


Find Products Easily

Easily-searchable product line allows customers to find what they need.


User-friendly Features

Allow customers to manage their profile, create wishlists and view their orders, refunds and shipments whenever they want.

Ecommerce Development

Easy Store Management

Manage your inventory, products and shipments, as well as integrating different payment methods.


Product Marketing Tools

Social media tools, affiliate marketing solutions and more – sell your product.


Get Started Quickly

Powerful systems built with simple code allows you to get selling quicker than ever.

Get started by building an effective eCommerce store today
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