New Media Guru uses the latest techniques and technologies to produce beautiful websites and ecommerce stores, in addition to providing cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and online portals. Most of our web applications are built using PHP and which provides our customers with the following:

  • ASP.Net: Simple even when building large and complicated applications, ASP.Net provides a powerful development model for secure web applications.
  • PHP: Support for Apache, MySQL and more; PHP is quick and easy to use to create advanced applications.
  • SaaS: Cloud services can be used to create Software as a Service.
Web Application Development

Here are just a few of the features that we provide

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Agile Development Process

Eliminates dependencies many traditional projects suffer from.

Web Application Development

Test Driven Development

Your final product will be free from error and exceed your expectations after our extensive testing process.

Web Application development

Experienced Development Team

Our experienced team is constantly training and learning more to better provide solutions – we partake in major forums and user communities to follow the latest developments.

ASP.Net Development

Quality Frameworks

Use of both ASP.Net and PHP allows for access to use number of powerful community-made scripts.

Web Application development

Excellent Support Structure

We provide the support your SaaS application needs for its entire lifetime, extending and expanding your application as necessary.

Iphon App Development

Access Recurring Revenue

Cloud-based applications can scale with your business; get started with only a small upfront investment then expand as necessary.

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