Moving your infrastructure to the cloud brings fantastic benefits, but choosing the wrong plan or tools can give you computing nightmares. Our team can help you choose the right plan and migrate your systems quickly and efficiently.

Our team at can help you move all your systems into the cloud. We’ll start by looking at the infrastructure you’ve already got and pinpoint where we can find savings by moving to the cloud. We’ll then arrange the migration of your systems in the way that best suits your needs.
These are the steps we’ll follow for your migration:

  • First step is to assess the cost and risk to you of moving your infrastructure to the cloud.
  • We’ll then draw up a plan for migrating both your databases and your applications to the cloud, minimizing downtime and cost.
  • As per our plan we’ll then set up storage services.
  • Before launching we’ll test your services extensively.
  • Once your services are running we’ll continue to monitor and assess to ensure everything is running correctly.
Cloud Consulting
Our team of experts can help you through this process, allowing for a safe transition to a powerful and secure infrastructure in the cloud.

Migration to Amazon Web Services

We are an AWS certified-provider. Our cloud team has access to specialist tools such as the AWS Import/Export tool that allows us to transfer much data than you could over the net. We use this to transfer your data across a high speed network from a storage device, a method which is far quicker and more cost-effective than using your internet connection. We can both import and export from S3 buckets, Amazon glacier and Amazon EBS snapshots.

Amazon Web Services

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