Our team follows Agile development methodology with SCRUM, making them perfectly suited to take on your complex development project and succeed.

Our iterative development process is ideal for building high performance solutions; we include our customers in every step of the journey to ensure absolute success.


How does the Agile development method help our team?

The Agile process gives our team a powerful framework in which to work, flexible enough to cope with change but resilient enough to not allow it to negatively effect the design process. Agile increases our team’s productivity, focus and strength; allowing them to perform better when under pressure. Through a continuous feedback loop of planning, action and feedback we can ensure that even our most complex of projects delivers maximum results.
This iterative process allows our team to stay on track, keeping the focus of the project on delivering the results that our customers want. For our most complex projects we use SCRUM as our framework to ensure success.

We’ve adopted these principles to help us deliver for our customers:

  • Our first focus is on delivering value to our customers.
  • We welcome changes of our customer requirements and see them as a way to further improve the products we deliver.
  • We relish the challenge of a short timeline for a project.
  • We believe that constant communication between developers and businesses is key for success.
  • Our success comes from a team of motivated specialists given the freedom, space and trust necessary to allow them to thrive.
  • We’ll always favor a face to face conversation over a phone call or Skype.
  • We give our teams the freedom to self-organize.
  • We put aside time to reflect as a team on a process and work together to improve our processes.
  • We have a constant focus on design excellence.

What about SCRUM?

Scrum is a methodology which helps prevent key problems many projects suffer from:

  • Rising chaos due to requirements changes.
  • Pressure of time and cost restraints damage quality.
  • Developers then need to cover up problems when talking to customers.

Instead Scrum brings many positive improvements to a project:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Products delivered quicker
  • Clients are happier
  • Our employees are satisfied and engaged

Using Scrum we focus on breaking up the development of a product into smaller pieces. By focusing on smaller tasks our team are released to be more creative.

Scrum defines three core roles:

Product owner
The product owner represents the client’s and shareholder’s interest, ensuring the team deliver value where it is most wanted.

Development team
The development team is responsible for delivering the project. This team does all our coding and provides the product owner with the finished project.

Scrum master
The Scrum master challenges the team and chairs meetings to ensure the team works to its full ability.

Scrum is used by hundreds of successful companies around the world.

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