A social community platform for scuba diving enthusiasts and an ecommerce engine for booking & renting scuba diving equipment’s.


Diving Specials team wanted to build a community website for scuba diving enthusiasts to provide exclusive diving packages from across the globe at highly attractive prices along with an ecommerce system for booking equipment’s. Each package offered would be available for a defined time period, and would be dependent on the number of bookings received per offer. The registered divers would be able to select a package and pay an initial booking amount before the booking was closed. The balance due would be charged to the customer after the offer closed, based on the number of package bookings received. Client had a raw concept and needed an experienced team that could understand the unique concept and work with a similar vision.



Ever Evolving Features
This would be a project with evolving functionality, understanding new concepts and usable designs with a community feel to them. One of the most important aspects of the project was maintaining uniformity between package booking and equipment selling mechanisms. User experience and the design flow were ever evolving due to the nature of the industry. The project did not need a straight forward ecommerce system; instead it followed a totally unique ecommerce business model. This encouraged our team to show Proof of Concepts to the client and freeze requirements.

Language & Currency Specifics
The project is based out of Germany, so finding a suitable Country specific payment gateway as well as finding an apt currency converter catering to the project’s country specific requirements was a challenge.

Tight Deadlines
Client needed to project to be delivered in a short span of time. With the amount of requirements gathering, consultancy and design work the project required, completing the project within that time frame was a challenge.

Solution and Execution:

User experience
Creating a seamless user experience and optimize the website for all type of devices. The front end of the website was designed giving it a fresh look that was visually interesting and attractive to the target users.

Coding Standards
Testing and validation of XHTML web pages with standard CSS style sheets managing the DIV based design for the entire website to allow cross browser functionality. Search Engine Optimized compliant structure to facilitate better visibility over major search engines.

Special Modules
Research, analysis and implementation of a suitable payment gateway and currency converter. Integration of custom features like Auto Suggestions, newsletters, payment gateway, and a chat system for customer support. Solutions for view and ordering dive equipment online functionality.

Social Media Solutions
We added a Facebook connection to invite friends to join or book the same trip, a referral system with sending a gift package to a friend, and an Invite a Friend solution.


  • Happy Community
    Scuba diving enthusiasts loved and appreciated a portal just for them and letting them share their passion with other likeminded people across the globe.
  • Great Response
    The new website launched within the community received a great response with immediate orders and daily increase in traffic counts resulting in a happy client.

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