An On-demand communications and collaboration tool for Small Medium Businesses in Health care Industry


The Peerport team was looking for a strong and stable team, for a long term relationship, to provide development support and ongoing upgrades with regular maintenance for their web application. They were in need of consultants who can recommend them enhancements and upgrades on their current system. The main goal of the Peerport team was to be on the top of their niche targeting the healthcare domain.


Analysis and Documentation
No documentation was available for the current application; hence we set up a Business Analyst to review the current application, code, and additional modules to be developed. Documentation of the current application would be tricky and research oriented as it involved too many third party APIs needing to be studied, analyzed and consolidated.

Project Management
Due to the nature of the project, it involved high level of project & account management skills. This was one of projects where the Project Manager had to be involved on a full time basis along with the team to ensure regular updates to the clients, daily reports, timely deliveries and testing of the modules being developed. The client too had high expectations from us in the project management area requiring regular updates and reporting sessions from the team.

Adapting new Functionality
The new modules developed and those upgraded needed to be integrated and adapted into the existing system keeping the same framework, technology and coding practices in mind. Code restructuring was required so that the new modules developed could fit into the required frameworks. Collaboration Tool Integration and enhancement of an Audio, Video & Chat Conferencing tool was a challenge as it had to be customized based on the unique clients requirements. Another challenge was making the tool mobile and tablet compatible. Collaboration service offering also came with a Document management system development and design for Small and Medium sized Businesses and Educations Institutions. The collaboration tools required a regular maintenance and Server API integration for load balancing and checking.

Solution and Execution:

Dedicated Team Set up
We setup up a dedicated team managed by our project managers and account managers who ensured and enabled a quality product delivery. Dedicated resources were allocated for complete project management and execution to ensure seamless production and delivery of the project.

Project Discovery
A software development life cycle was followed from the first step through to the testing and launch. Analysis began on the application as soon as we started work, industry research was done and a detailed project plan was prepared for everything missing from the current application to suggested enhancements. A clear road map was created and small sprints process was followed to keep delivering pieces of the project to the client for review.

Collaboration Tool
The collaboration tool needed a complete new approach for development such that it could be easily used by naive users. We researched and studied the user behavior for building the tool, and based on this research and the requirements we were able to integrate an effective collaboration tool for the audience. The tool was also built making it mobile and tablet devices compatible increasing the horizon of the users. We also built and maintained a document management system that was to be used by small medium sized businesses and educational institutions on the application.

Software Testing
The system required regular testing of every change made to the application and mapped with the daily task list. Every module developed was first tested by the developer, the in house testing team and a third party testing team before it was released to the client. Quality assurance and software testing was an integral part of the success of this application and hence it was always included in our daily task lists.


  • Increased revenue Increased Traffic
    We have been working with the client for 3 years now and are constantly adding new communities, modules and functionalities to the application. has seen a dramatic improvement in sales and website traffic and unique site visitors with a remarkable downfall in their bounce back ratio.
  • Phase II development
    We are in discussion with the client for next phases which includes a new User Interface, usability enhancements and a Native Mobile Application. Product Marketing and strategies are already underway.

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