Fun @ New Media Guru Off-site!!!

Like every year, a mail from the HR Department popped informing about the NMG off-site. This time, it was a cultural expedition to Pratapgarh Farms on 22nd September, 2012. The off-site meeting agenda was to focus exclusively on the business of ‘recreation’.  Like every year, NMGians pulled out their summer hats and geared up for the testing of volleyballs, cricket, Tennis, and other recreational and memorial products.

With the blazing sun on our head and the skyline twinkling on our shoulders, the team entered the farms.

A Warm Cultural Welcome

” A warm cultural welcome “

Soon NMGians relished the Indo-cultural Theme with a special Rajasthani rural Buffet. Mmmmm. Yummy Besan ki roti smoked over the chulha, Milk Jalebi, bajre ki Khichri and delicious sides were served by the friendly catering staff. Ice cold beverages were on hand throughout the day to keep everyone cool, calm and collected on the bright, sunny day.Different Colours of NMG

“Different Colours of NMG”

By the way, as far as themed events go, this Rural – cultural Theme is one of my personal favourites. It brings colourful decorations, lip-smacking food, traditional music, AND some out of the ordinary entertainment. Like what? I just heard you say. Well, this picnic had camel rides, bullock cart and tractor rides, kite flying, archery, gun shooting, tug-of war, pottery, and Mehendi artist… Hoof! And much much more. People just loved it! We also had our very own ‘photographer NMGians’ to cover this great day.

Aiming High

“Aiming High”

Learning the Perfect Balance of Work

“Learning the perfect balance of work”

The best thing about the picnic was that it had something for everyone. How can one forget the mud pool and the tube well bath? It was the biggest respite in the hot summer day and a mud pack is definitely the next beauty enhancement ploy for NMGians.




The dusk came with a rocking bash on the discotheque. Tapping foot on your favourite numbers with the team was simply awe-inspiring. The dance floor portrayed the true NMG culture filled with fun, enthusiasm and co-operation with no barriers between seniors and juniors.
Hitting the floor!

“Hitting the floor!”

It is well said that it is essential for team members to be united to bring unity to entire business. One place to start really working on team building is at the company picnic. Thanks to all who came, shared food, time and games- and took the time to learn about each other just a little more than “getting to know you” endeavour.
Striving hard to reach success even in tougher times

“Striving hard to reach success even in tougher times”

The picnic offered a well-to-do environment, full of varied activities and opportunities — no one’s experience is quite the same. I pride myself in being more than just an employee at NMG where fun, entertainment, team bonding and growth — both physical and mental are an eternal part of the in-house culture.

Team NMG

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