Neo Internet Tribes and Formula 1

Neo Internet Tribes and Formula 1

As a part of imposed social responsibility that automatically comes when you are leading an organization, we – a part of team NMG visited the recently concluded F1 India Grand Prix. Weird and sarcastic as the first sentence may sound, but sometimes our surroundings become the driving force for particular things that we do!  But looking back at it after a couple of weeks evoke some interesting thoughts in line with the way we function and perform as an organization.

Globalization and the Indian Grand Prix
For us, globalization is all about interaction. Meeting people makes interaction possible and interaction creates opportunities. Internet, the world we live most of our life removed the boundaries and virtually brought the continents together. Everything starts from an idea that has a potential to click. No one would ever have thought that a paddy field could become a world class racing track in a couple years. But if you have an effective team in place there is nothing inconceivable as such.

Indian Grand Prix

A cultural cocktail for good!
Just look at the F1 teams. Team management selects able people from different countries, which have different beliefs, different lifestyle. They speak different languages but their passion remains the same. So what actually clicks for a winning team? The team only clicks when they start thinking alike, plan for future and respect the plan throughout the execution.

We are no different. Being in a culturally rich and diverse country like India, our team too consists of people from different parts of the country who has different believes and culture. But they stand unite and think alike and formed a TEAM and we call it NMG. We are an amalgamation of cultures and we further take it forward when it comes to collaboration with a client. The respective project team starts interacting with the client to create that comfort level and find that wavelength all the people are comfortable with. This way the culture that we believe in grows further virtually.

Neo Internet Tribes in a more Positive way
Culture is an integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for symbolic thought. But when it comes to online it becomes more like a lifestyle. Unlike the actual Neo Tribes who opposed the modern concepts and society, we embraced the ultra modern concepts and still evolving shoulder to shoulder with new technologies. It is the internet technology that created the mode of social organization which is called Neo Tribalism. 

Post By : Aneesh Viswanath, who is a senior creative designer with us.