Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Medium Businesses and Start Ups

For those in the digital world, especially the startups and the small medium businesses, getting hold of digital marketing ploys can be challenging enough. This webinar delves deeper into practical strategies that are core to every industry.

What it contains?NMG Webinar Recording

  • Tips to build and grow your website
  • Tips to attract traffic to your website
  • 25+ practical strategies for digital marketing for SMB’s and Start Ups
  • Tonnes of tools and resources

Who should watch this webinar?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to take your business online, or boost your online presence, this webinar will endow you with some simple yet effective ways to nurture your business.

Why you should watch this?

The webinar suggests that Digital has a lot to take from the magazine world and how elements like good content and design can bestow one with the win-win situation. This webinar suggests hundreds of tools that can help build site maps, wireframes, give design feedbacks, measure real time audience interaction, pre-launch marketing and promotion tools and many more tools empowering the marketing ideas for SMB’s and startups…

What you will get?

For budding professionals, who attend this webinar online, they will learn how to build and grow their website and attract traffic to it. It will assist them to have a more streamlined approach towards improving their efficiency, productivity and even creativity, when it comes to the digital market.

The Expert Eyes Behind it…

Mohit Maheshwari is the Managing Director of New Media Guru and has over 13+ years of industry experience. He is an active speaker, writer and digital enthusiast, who is practicing and training Digital marketing tactics. Mohit has worked with clients in more than 25+ countries and is a member of TiE, SEMPO and IAMAI.

In association with Digital Vidya, New Media Guru’s Managing Director, Mohit Maheshwari conducted this Webinar covering ‘Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Medium Businesses’ on Tuesday, October 9th, 2013 addressing standard best practices for digital marketing in the industry including several tools and marketing tactics. The webinar was attended by some of the renowned professionals of the industry and got great reviews and coverage on social platforms.