NEW MEDIA GURU (NMG) gets selected by NASSCOM for their Orbit Shift program

NEW MEDIA GURU (NMG) has been selected by NASSCOM for their Orbit Shift program for fast growing organizations. Managing Directors of New Media Guru, Mohit Maheshwari and Rohit Maheshwari lately participated in the NASSCOM’s Seminar, a part of selection criteria for the Orbit Shift Program.

What is NASSCOM’s The Orbit Shift Program?

NASSCOM’s The Orbit Shift Program is an endeavor to provide a platform to aid businesses either at inflection point or keen of expansion or held up in a stagnant state bring about an essential shift in their operations.

It is when the businesses are poised to make a remarkable shift in their growth that they progress to the next level. The Program can catapult the companies to next levels in two ways:

Interaction with functional experts on Building Expertise in focus area sessions on one Friday every month
Half a day focused workouts with Catalysts, once every month, to achieve a specific goal and offline support

Next 6 Months of Learning and Grooming…

NASSCOM’s The Orbit Shift Program is a 6 months program and an Orbit Shift Catalyst will help New Media Guru to identify areas where change is required. Functional Expert (Subject matter experts from the Industry/Academia) will also join a session. Thereby, paving the way for transformation to take place.

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