We are a team of highly experienced Web 2.0 design and development professionals who have worked on a broad range of web 2.0 interfaces over the past few years. We have worked on small to large web 2.0 projects and strongly believe that a well thought out and properly researched interface works amazingly for a web application.

NMG web 2.0 programmers carry an ever expanding portfolio of technical abilities and proficiency which encompasses all the latest Internet development technologies. Our experience enables us to understand complex business logic and develop innovative web development solutions for it.

Web 2.0 Design

“Web2.0 design isn’t just graphical effects but the discipline of simplicity.”

Some of the discipline we follow:

  • Simplicity
  • Central layout
  • Fewer columns
  • Separate top section
  • Solid areas of screen real-estate
  • Simple navigation
  • Bold logos
  • Bigger text
  • Bold text introductions
  • Strong colors
  • Rich surfaces
  • Gradients
  • Icons
  • Star flashes

Web 2.0 Development is implemented using technologies like AJAX, jQuery, Adobe Flash, Flex, Silverlight etc. For better interaction, usability and for increasing speed, we use asynchronous data transfer between the server and the client.

Some of our Web2.0 development disciplines:

  • Cascading style sheet to allow users to control website content presentation and separation
  • XHTML & HTML markups validated semantically
  • Syndication, aggregation & notification of data in RSS or Atom feeds
  • Web log publishing tools, wikis or forums, instant messengers etc
  • Websites with Collaborative tagging, social classification, social indexing and social tagging can be developed
  • XML, JavaScript based APIs can be used for website development
  • Completely dynamic and interactive website development using Open source technologies and rich internet applications